Plant trees to reduce MicroClimate!

Educate self & others about Going Green!

Use efficient travel options!
Green Economy
60% of dustbin waste can be recycled!

Plastic takes upto 500years to decompose!

Landfills are ticking time bombs. Reduce Waste!
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!
Treat & Reuse Waste-Water

Promote & adopt Xeriscaping.

Low-flow water fixtures reduce 25% consumption!

Harvest & Conserve Water for tomorrow!
Treat & Reuse Waste-Water
1/3 of Energy in burning Coal reaches as Electricity!

Google uses 0.01% of World's Energy! Search Well!

Buy Energy Star rated products! Conserve Energy.

Inefficient buildings waste 30% of user's electricity!
Conserve Energy For Tomorrow!
At present Green Energy provides 22% of World's Electricity!

Solar & Wind Energy costs have declined profoundly!

Power your own house, building, campus and save alot!
Adopt & Promote Use of Green Energy
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Thinking Green? Great!

Living green & developing an infrastructure that is truly Environment-friendly is the need of the hour. At Greencepts™ we focus and work towards helping you achieve this crucial contribution towards our environment. Our team at Greencepts is sincerely dedicated and determined to bring new green concepts & technologies for you and for self as well!

We assist you in conceptualizing, designing and implementing green initiatives in your Organization, Home or Institution.  We also help you gain recognition for your efforts on the global platform through Green Certifications and Audits. 

Greencepts™ intends to provide comprehensive Eco-friendly Sustainable solutions ranging from Water Conservation & Treatment, Energy Management & Green Power generation along with Waste Recycling & Reuse.

Know more about Greencepts...

Greencepts™ helps you analyse, design & implement Green initiatives for your Homes or Community, Offices or Factories & Institutions as well. Greencepts, LEED, LEED services, Green Building Mumbai, Solar, Solar rooftop, STP plant, sewage treatment, rain water harvesting, Green certification, IGBC, Green Building Certificate About Greencepts Contact Greencepts Green Certification & Design Water Management Energy Provisions Waste Solutions Green CSR


IGBC We are proudly associated with the pioneer of Green Building movement in India: The Indian Green Building Council. IGBC is part of the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII). CII, is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led & managed organization, playing a proactive role in India's development process.

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Greencepts™ Greencepts is a Mumbai based company that enables Sustainable Living through its concepts & services namely solar rooftops, waste-water treatment, water harvesting, waste recycling & such others. The company also provides assistance in gaining acknowledgements for such initiatives through various globally recognised certifications. Times Square, Mumbai
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