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Maximum resources are wasted in conventional electricity generation process. Even then, a major part of the world still does not receive electricity! More energy is wasted than consumed in daily life of a common person through inefficient means of energy usage coupled with lack of awareness and/or responsibility.

Energy Conservation

We at Greencepts, work with you at the process as well as organizational level to reduce you energy consumption by providing best sustainable options and help you conserve energy and your operational expenses. Being Energy Efficient isn't as difficult as one assumes. Greencepts provides the following Energy Conservation services :

Energy Saving

Energy Simulation

Energy Audits

Energy Monitoring

Green Energy Generation

We are losing up to 75% of the energy in the fuel at the start of the energy generation process. Unbelievable isn’t it! The cleanest sources of energy i.e. green energy, generates 21.7% of electricity worldwide and have seen investment of US$ 214 billion as of 2013.

Generating your own power to reduce energy grid load as well as expenses has become feasible & will be increasingly easier as the world economies shape up the policies to promote & exploit renewable energy production. Renewable energy is not just limited to electricity production but involves various innovative technologies & products that reduce the power requirement of an individual or an organization while also creating an aesthetic as well as social value.

Be a part of Green Power movement by associating with us and explore the possible combinations of having your green foot print without compromises on your processes. The services and inputs that Greencepts provides under Green Energy are :

Renewable Rural

Solar Power

Micro Hydro Power

Urban Micro Wind Power

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